In case you happened to miss the unveiling of the newest Corvette model on Oct. 26, worry not. The brilliant 26-minute video is on for you to enjoy and The Sleuth really means “enjoy.” You’ll get to see and hear the Z06 drive while the engineers explain what goes into the car, with emphasis on the 670-horsepower 5.5-liter naturally aspirated V-8 that revs to 8,600 RPM. Its flat-plane crankshaft architecture means a different firing order, so the Z06 has an entirely different sound than all Corvettes before it (think Ferrari). Chevrolet claims an exotic-car experience and the Sleuth agrees. The body is wider than the standard Corvette, there are 20- and 21-inch wheels and distinctive three-pointed accents on the side intakes. The Z06 is also available as a convertible. As a 2023 model, don’t expect to see it on the street for a while, however. Regardless, Chevrolet reminds video viewers that “the Z06 is just the next chapter in a very long book.”

The Corvette Z06 is wider than the standard Corvette, which makes room for wider tires while increasing the size of the side ducts that feed the engine.

Chevrolet reveals the Corvette ZO6, says there’s more to come: