The 750-amp RM750 OzCharge super capacitor booster pack from Australia-based RescueMate is claimed to maintain a full charge for up to five years, meaning you don’t have to have it plugged in all the time just in case you need it. Generally speaking, compared with batteries, super capacitors are able to load and unload power at very high rates of transfer. According to the company, the OzCharge can actually recharge off a nearly dead car battery (with as little as three volts) and then boost that battery. “Once the Rescue Mate has charged up from the flat battery, simply press the RUN button, a countdown will begin and as soon as it reaches zero and the buzzer sounds you can start your vehicle.” The OzCharge is also claimed to work in extreme hot or cold conditions and to never overheat. Get more information from and purchase for $200 from

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