The Sleuth is picking up lots of buzz after Buick announced that it was replacing the Regal sedan for 2018 with a Regal hatchback and a Regal ‘Sportback TourX’ wagon. Coupled with the demise of the compact Verano sedan earlier this year, that leaves only the full-size LaCrosse as the sole Buick with a trunk. Meanwhile, the Avenir (the French term for future) brand that was applied to a 2015 Buick concept sedan, will be used to identify a premium trim level on the new 2018 Enclave tall wagon. Included will be a unique mesh grille, 20-inch wheels, a luxuriously trimmed interior and all the latest active safety technology. A 302-horse 3.6-liter V-6 is the power source.

The Avenir name will be applied to the Buick Enclave as a premium model, packed with style and technology. (PHOTO: BUICK)

Buick sedans are on the outs, but the Avenir brand is in: