Being a fan of James Bond films, The Sleuth is happy to report that the automaker (and vehicle supplier to numerous Bond films) will build 100 007 Edition Aston Martin Vantage models and 25 007 Edition DBS Superleggera models for worldwide consumption. The 2021-model-year examples, which are styled after the cars used in the latest “No Time to Die” Bond flick, will come with the same paint schemes as their movie counterparts, plus other identifiers such as 007 badges, plaques and seat coverings. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but for reference, the non-bond DBS Vantage coupe starts at about $156,000, while a DBS Superleggra will set you back about $310,000.

James Bond fans can purchased limited-edition models of the DBS Superleggera, left, and the Vantage. PHOTO: ASTON-MARTIN

Aston Martin gives two models the 007 treatment: