You might be familiar with the one-quarter-scale Visible V-8 plastic model (based on General, Motors’ 1950s-era overhead-valve engine) that is made by Revell and sells for about $90 on There’s a less-expensive dual overhead cam V-8 kit ($30) that’s smaller than the Revell (6.7 by 8.0 by 7.1 inches), but its 500-plus parts are mostly made from cast aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Once together — the company says it takes about five hours — the 5.5-pound engine moves using a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that attaches directly above the flywheel. All parts, installation tools and instructions are shipped in a metal container from the Asia-based supplier, which says to expect a wait time of up to 20 days. Watch the brief video clip and carefully read the details before buying at (search: engine).

A V-8 engine to build to scale