For its 110th birthday, the Volkswagen-owned maker of the $3-million Chiron supercar is building a special replica of the Bugatti Type 35 roadster that was raced to great success back in the 1920s. During that era, Bugatti produced 500 Type 35 “Baby” pedal cars and is doing something similar again. This time, each of the 500 examples of the three-quarter-scale — yes, three-quarter-scale — Baby II will be large enough so that both youngsters and adults alike can drive it. It will also have a rear-wheel-drive electric propulsion system that provides a top speed of 12 mph in child mode and 27 mph in adult mode (faster with the optional Speed Key that disengages the speed limiter). The Bugatti Baby II sells for $33,000. Get full details and apply for a build slot at

A classic Bugatti to scale