There are models of cars and then there are serious representations of world-famous automobiles. If your tastes fall to the latter, Bentley has just the model. Sold through the automaker’s online gifts and accessories shop, this 1:8-scale Bentley Blower is named for its front-mounted supercharger that boosted the car’s 4.4-liter four-cylinder engine to 240 horsepower from the 110 for regular versions. The Bentley Blower competed in several races, including the French 24 hours of Le Mans from 1929-’31. Although it never won, its 137-mph top speed was impressive for the day. The model is comprised of 1,000 resin and aluminum parts and takes about 3,000 hours to assemble. That likely explains the price of 6,250 British pounds (about US $7,600). Order from

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