Ford will make 250 examples of the spectacular GT model in each of the first two years of production and you could be one of the lucky owners. However there are hurdles to cross. First, the GT will cost in the mid-$400,000 range, excluding options. However, even if prospective buyers have sufficient funds, each applicant, that’s right, you must apply, will be screened by Ford as to their suitability (VIPs and/or owners of 2005-’06 GTs stand a good chance). Also, your social-media status plays into things and you will have to sign a legally binding agreement not to sell your GT for at least two years. You also have to make a short video explaining why you’re so deserving. Hurry, the deadline is May 24.


Even if you can afford the Ford GT, you can’t be a jerk about it. Ford is screening applicants for a number of traits, including social status and resale intent. (PHOTO: FORD)

You’ll need to have fans and not just money for the GT: