The motorhome producer recently revealed the electric e-RV, which is expected to enter production soon. The basis for the model is Ford’s Transit van, into which Winnebago will install an electric motor (supplied by a third party) and a battery pack. The company claims up to 125 miles of range, while providing electric air conditioning, refrigeration and water heating systems. If that doesn’t sound like much range, it isn’t; Winnebago says that many RV-ers travel less than 200 miles to the next campsite. So, while some owners will be fine with this, others will have to fully recharge at least once while en route. Of course the long haulers can still buy an internal-combustion Winnebago.

The Winnebago e-RV is based on the Ford Transit platform, but with a third-party power system. The range is estimated at 125 miles, meaning you had better like camping more than driving. PHOTO: WINNEBAGO

Winnebago has an electric camper in the works: