The Spymaster’s sources have revealed that Ford is not happy with China-based automaker Geely these days. Apparently the concern is that the company, which owns Volvo, plans to launch an offshoot brand to be marketed globally under the name Lynk & CO. The Sleuth hears that Ford is planning to oppose any U.S. trademark applications by Geely, claiming that, when spoken, Lynk & CO sounds too much like Lincoln. Before the end of the decade, Lynk & CO, or whatever name it will eventually go by, plans to launch the 01 tall wagon and 02 sedan in North America, Both models will be built in China and will use platforms originally designed for next-generation compact Volvo 40-series models.

Apparently, if you say Lynk & CO out loud, it sounds too much like Lincoln. At least according to Lincoln. This is Lynk & CO’s tall-wagon concept called the 01. (PHOTO: LYNK & CO)

What’s in a name? Plenty, if that name happens to be Lincoln: