The Spymaster’s moles are reporting that the automaker will introduce a new small tall wagon that will join the Tiguan and Atlas. The front-wheel-drive Tarek will be similar to the VW Tharu currently sold in China and Russia, which means it will be about five inches shorter in distance between the front and rear wheels than the Tiguan, and 10 inches shorter overall. Powertrains are expected to include turbocharged 1.4- and 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines that are currently found in other VW models. A seven-speed automatic transmission (with a manual mode) will be standard with both engines. The Tarek is expected to arrive sometime in 2021 from Volkswagen’s factory in Pueblo, Mexico.

VW doesn’t have a competitor in the subcompact utility segment, but it will when the Tarek — based on the Tharu that’s sold in China and Russia — arrives in North America next year. PHOTO: VOLKSWAGEN

Volkswagen readies an addition to its utility lineup: