If you lend your car to friends or family members, especially to inexperienced drivers, you’ll want to have one of these. The GPS Tracking Key from LandAirSea Systems will record the whereabouts of your car for up to two weeks. The device will also track the route your vehicle has taken, the stops it makes (including addresses and length of time between stops) and also calculates average speeds. The Tracking Key can be hidden anywhere inside the passenger compartment, or with its powerful magnet, can be attached to any metal surface including body panels, frame, etc. After retrieval, you plug the device into your computer’s USB port and download the data. And best of all, it doesn’t require a paid subscription to activate. For product details go to www.landairsea.com, or purchase for $170 from www.brookstone.com or similar stores or online outlets.



Track your vehicle for up to two weeks