The Zoom-Zoom automaker recently introduced the five-passenger CX-4 in China and has announced that a new seven-passenger model, dubbed the CX-8, will also launch in Japan and possibly elsewhere. The CX-8 is reportedly about seven inches shorter and five inches narrower than the seven-passenger CX-9 that’s sold here. If The Sleuth had to guess (which he does regularly), the sportier-looking CX-4 is the likeliest model to eventually wind up in Mazda showrooms here. However with the high demand for utility vehicles, there’s an outside chance that the CX-8 will make it here, too.

The sleek-looking China-spec Mazda CX-4 seems like a good fit for the market in North America. Will Mazda bring it? (PHOTO: MAZDA)

There could be two new tall wagons for Mazda fans: