The Spymaster’s sources report that the automaker’s long-serving midsize sedan that first broke cover for the 2006 model year will be going away after the 2020 model year. In its place, Ford will introduce the Fusion wagon in early 2021. This won’t be just any average-looking or acting model, however, but, taking a page from the Subaru Outback, it will arrive with all-wheel-drive, a hiked-up ride height and plenty of protective body cladding. There’s no word yet regarding engines, but Ford has plenty of turbocharged four- and six-cylinder powerplants (regular and hybrid) in its arsenal.

The Fusion sedan, pictured, is on the way out, but a wagon model with plenty of ride height and all-wheel-drive will arrive in 2021. PHOTO: FORD

The The Ford Fusion might live on as a wagon: