The Spymaster is blown away by the news that the oft-touted ZR1 Corvette is a real thing and will arrive in early 2018 as a 2019 model. It will also mark the final bow for the front-engine sports car before the switch is made to a mid-engine placement (behind the cockpit and ahead of the rear wheels). The ZR1 will be fitted with a 755-horsepower supercharged LT5-designated V-8 engine. Physically, the two-door will come with a unique grille and hood, along with a carbon-fiber roof and large rear wing that can provide hundreds of pounds of downforce. There’s no word on pricing, but The Sleuth expects this low-volume Corvette will likely sticker in the $125,000 range.

The fastest, most powerful production Corvette ever – the 755-horsepower 2019 ZR1.

The ZR1 will be the last front-engine Corvette. Next up will be the mid-engined model. (PHOTO: CHEVROLET)

The last of the front-engine ‘Vettes will be spectacular: