That’s the latest intel from The Sleuth’s sources, who first heard rumors a few months ago of Hummer’s rebirth. Now comes word that the Hummer handle will be part of General Motors’ GMC division. It will also arrive as an all-electric four-door pickup and is to be built on a dedicated BT1 platform alongside an electric Chevrolet Silverado. However the Hummer model is expected to be smaller than the previous size-huge H1 and H2 vehicles. Both pickups, plus a planned electric Cadillac utility vehicle, will be built at a dedicated plant near Detroit, Mich. All three vehicles are expected to make their debut in early 2022.

The new Hummer electric pickup will be smaller than the long-gone H2, pictured, but what design will be used. PHOTO: HUMMER

The Hummer name returns, but wearing a GMC logo: