Aligning your tow vehicle’s receiver to your trailer’s tongue can be tricky, especially if there’s no one around to act as a guide. The Swift Hitch SH02 by Toren Partners, LLC, simplifies this process so that both experts and neophytes alike should have no problem hooking up. The product consists of a night-vision-capable camera with a magnetic base that attaches to the trunk, liftgate or tailgate of your vehicle. The camera’s image is then transmitted to a hand-held, high-resolution 2.5-inch color display screen that shows you exactly when your hitch is in the correct spot. Prices start at $220 for the basic setup with a four-hour run-time camera, or $260 for the deluxe system with a 10-hour run-time high-resolution camera and suction-cup mounts. Order at

Swift Hitch

The easy way to hook up a trailer