More details have been leaked to The Sneakster concerning the 2017 Ford F-150-based Raptor 4×4 pickup. Although the big dune-busting rig won’t have a big V8 like the previous SVT Raptor did, it will come with a version of Ford’s twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 that produces more than 450 horsepower (speculation has it at closer to 475) and way more torque than the old SVT Raptor’s 434 pound-feet number. Combined with an estimated 500-pound weight reduction, the new Raptor should outdistance the previous model in every respect. A 10-speed automatic transmission will be standard, as will a full assortment of brand-name suspension components familiar to fans of off-road racing.



Raptor benefits from Ecoboost and lighter vehicle weight: