Whether your jurisdiction requires a license plate attached to the front of vehicles, it might me a good idea to install the BumpShox XL Front Bumper Guard. More than protecting your license plate, the product is designed to provide protection from most low-impact hits, such as those that occur when parallel parking or when accidentally rubbing up against a barrier or lamppost. The product’s 14-inch-wide by- 8.5-inch-tall construction encases your plate in high-density weatherproof foam that can return its original shape after impact. The screws that come with the BumpShox XL are recessed far into the attachment holes so there are no protruding metal bits that could damage another vehicle. Prices range from $25 for the 1.5-inch-thick model, to $35 for the 2.25-inch-thick version. Purchase online at www.bumpshox.com.

Protect your car’s nose