Word had been leaked to The Spy Guy regarding Porsche’s plans to develop a front-engine, rear- or all-wheel-drive sports coupe, or possibly a coupe-like four-door that would be based on a shortened version of the 2017 Panamera platform. The ┬ácar (which would have evoked memories of the late, great Porsche 928) has been shelved, at least for the time being. Instead, Porsche will focus on developing a pure electric model. The V-8-powered 928 that was available from 1977-’95 was one of the all-time great luxury grand-touring sports cars, but during its production run it lived in the shadows of the 911 model and never really received the respect it deserved. Other than in the movie Risky Business.


Despite being far more modern than the 911, the 928 insulted Porsche purists because the engine was in the front and not in the back. (PHOTO: PORSCHE)

Plans for a Porsche 928 successor have evaporated: