Delta Wing Technologies, the company that claims to have pioneered the triangular-shaped vehicle design that Nissan adapted for the racetrack in 2013, is considering the development of a mass-market version. The Sleuth hears that the four-passenger Delta Wing, which currently exists only in scale-model form, would not be built by the company, but could involve a partnership with an existing automaker. The car’s benefits, including lightweight, superb aerodynamic properties and impressive fuel efficiency, are not to be ignored, despite its less than attractive look. The Spymaster surmises that any vehicle capable of reaching 60 mph from zero in less than six seconds, top out at 130 mph and far and away exceed the fuel efficiency of every gas-electric hybrid on the road (projections that Delta Wing Technologies is shooting for) would be hard to ignore.

Could a road-going Delta Wing make it to production? If the company can find an automaker to partner with, then maybe.

On a wing and a prayer