When it comes to piloting radio-controlled models, arguably the most fun you can have are those with giant knobby tires and trick suspensions for tackling rocks, sand and gravel. Redcat Racing has a vast assortment of such vehicles, plus all the necessary parts and accessories you’ll need to keep them running. The company also specializes in giant 1:5- and 1:6-scale versions, such as the four-wheel-drive Rampage Dunerunner, pictured. It comes with a 32-c.c. two-stroke gas engine, 700-c.c. fuel tank, disc brakes, adjustable suspension and (of course) aggressive rubber. A controller with rechargeable battery pack is also included. The Dunerunner is priced at $780. View the dozens of available scale models at www.redcatracing.com.

Off-roading to scale