Toyota is expanding its mission to move away from V-8 powertrains, starting with the full-size Tundra pickup and the equally large Lexus LX600. It uses the same body-on-frame construction as the Tundra, which is also new (and considerably lighter and more rigid) for 2022. The LX600’s body varies only slightly in size and styling from the previous LX570, but the new vehicle does offer fancier trim inside and out. The replacement twin-turbocharged V-6 makes 409 horsepower and 441 pound-feet of torque, which bests the outgoing V-8 by 26 horses and 38 pound-feet. A 10-speed automatic transmission also supplants the previous eight-speed unit. Given Toyota’s penchant for hybrid power systems, it’s probable that one will be optional for the LX600 at a future date.

The new LX600 ditches the previous LX’s V-8 engine in favor of a turbocharged V-6. The vehicle platform is shared with the Toyota Tundra pickup.

Lexus’s big and bold utility vehicle is new for 2022: