Many homeowners access their garages by using automatic door openers that they leave in the car. The only problem is, if the vehicle is stolen or broken into it’s relatively easy for thieves to help themselves to the contents of your garage and possibly your home by using your remote or your in-car Homelink button. For that reason you should consider Garage Armour. The product’s key safety feature is a PIN pad remote that you program by keying in between three and eight-digit numerical combinations. Each kit sells in the $70 range and includes a remote, receiver, adapter and two lithium-ion batteries. Full product details and purchase info are available at



backup-barPARKING ARMOR 4.2 – (42″ Wide x 12″ Tall) Indoor/ Outdoor Ultimate Rear Bumper Protector, Steel Reinforced Straps, Widest Bumper Protection, Thickest Bumper Guard, STEEL REINFORCED STRAPS PREVENT THEFT !

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Keep thieves out