The Ford Motor Company spent millions to develop a car that would beat Ferrari and become the first U.S. entry to win the yearly 24 Hours of Le Mans (France) endurance race. In 1966 that goal was realized, with the Ford taking the top three spots with its teams piloting GT40 racecars. To commemorate that event, California-based scale model maker Exoto has created the Anton Grey Mk II Sports Chronograph watch. The black-face version displays the winning GT40’s number 2 (driven by New Zealander’s Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon), but other colors are available. Each watch comes with a large 44-millimeter-diameter face (1.7 inches) and a stitched leather strap. The Anton Grey sells for $8,800, but if that’s too pricey you can opt for a scale replica of the winning GT40 for $1,500. Order either or both items at


GT40 timepiece