In a mere 14 years, the automaker intends to sell its very last internal-combustion-powered passenger vehicle. GM CEO Mary Barra said, however, that in some instances where the technology doesn’t exist by then, the company will purchase offsetting carbon credits and/or initiate “carbon capture” procedures. “Our preference will always be for removal of emissions,” said Barra. “This is a critical step on the path to a net-zero-carbon future.” General Motors currently sells the Chevrolet Bolt EV, but a number of additional battery-electric vehicles of all types are in the pipeline from the company and are expected to begin arriving for the 2022 model year.

GM’s Mary Barra has set a zero-emissions future for the company with a 2035 goal to end sales of internal-combustion passenger cars and light trucks. PHOTO: GENERAL MOTORS

General Motors plans 100-percent-zero-emission vehicle sales by 2035: