Of all the emergency supplies you can carry in your vehicle when heading for the Great Outdoors, the Life Straw could literally save your life. It’s manufactured by Vestergaard-Frandsen and has been on the market since 2005. The portable water filter pretty much guarantees you access to safe drinking water wherever you are in the world. The manufacturer claims that each Life Straw has the capacity to filter 264 gallons of water, removing virtually all of the bacteria (including E-coli and Salmonella) and parasites, leaving nothing but clear, clean H2O. The manufacturer also claims that Life Straw leaves no nasty aftertaste and that it contains no chemicals. It also works without batteries (it actually has no moving parts). Although the manufacturer doesn’t sell the product directly, you can purchase one for $20 from www.eartheasy.com/lifestraw.

Clean water for travel