And by changes, The Spy Guy is hearing from sources that a number of long-overdue alterations to the Charger’s sheetmetal are in the works for the 2020 model year, but likely limited to a slightly altered grille and rear end. Most noticeable, though, will be a wide-body option — similar to the Dodge Challenger — that flares out the fenders to accommodate wider rubber. To get the look, Charger customers will need to opt for the high-performance R/T Scat Pack or Hellcat models. Since smaller-displacement powerplants (with electric assist) are expected to replace both engines sometime in 2021, the window of opportunity to acquire this kind of V-8 muscle is beginning to close.

For the Dodge Charger to take better advantage of power levels that have crept up over the years, it needs wider tires than this. Just such a model is in the works with wheel flares to cope with the extra width. PHOTO: FCA

Changes coming for the Dodge Charger, including a new wide-body model: