The Master Spy hears that Volkswagen’s ultra-expensive single-car brand is planning to expand into an entire model lineup that could include a tall wagon, a sedan, an electric car of some sort and yet another sports car, albeit less expensive. Currently, the only Bugatti model is the mid-engine 1,479-horsepower 16-cylinder Chiron sports car, which is the replacement for the Veyron. That limited-production all-wheel-drive hyper-car (available starting this fall) can attain a top speed of 261 mph and will take about a $2.6-million bite out of your trust account. Even at that price, more than one-third of the 500-car production run has been snapped up. There’s no word yet as to when the other planned Bugatti models will arrive.


It makes sense for Bugatti to play off the prestige of its name and offer more cars than just the $2.6-million Chiron.(PHOTO: BUGATTI)

Bugatti is looks to extend its model range beyond just one vehicle: