The $3-million Bugatti Chiron hypercar is perhaps the pinnacle of automotive luxury and performance. As a tribute, the automaker partnered with watchmaker Jacob & Co. to create a timepiece. The center is a scaled-down version of the Chiron’s 1,500-horsepower 8.0-liter 16-cylinder engine that has 16 miniature pistons that attached to a tiny steel crankshaft. At the touch of a button, they scurry up and down in their correct firing order within the replica engine block. A total of 578 separate parts are needed to create each watch. The action is clearly visible through a sapphire crystal window. Oh, and the Chiron watch also tells the time. The cost? A cool $280,000 from the Jacob & Co. flagship store in New York City (212.719.5887).

A 16-cylinder watch