Back in the day, the Electra represented the best of the best in the Buick lineup. Recently, General Motors renewed its trademark of the Electra name, which would indicate that the battery-electric concept model Buick introduced at the 2020 Beijing auto show in China is production-bound. The move is similar to Ford reviving the Lightning brand and attaching it to the 2022 electric F-150 pickup. When you think about it, both Lightning and Electra could not be more appropriate handles for EVs. No doubt the future Electra will use the Ultium battery platform, which forms the basis for all future GM EVs, including the Cadillac Lyriq and GMC Hummer.

General Motors has renewed its trademark on the Electra name and could affix it to a new Buick EV that’s possibly inspired by this 2020 concept vehicle. PHOTO: GENERAL MOTORS

An Electra-fying Buick: